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Locks are your first line of defense against thieves and vandals. They need to be maintained regularly – and occasionally replaced – to ensure that they’re giving you the most possible protection from external security threats. However, getting your locks replaced can be an expensive proposition. This is why you should re-key locks – it saves you a lot of money while ensuring your safety. Town Center Locksmith Shop has been providing professional locksmithing services to Bergenfield, NJ for a number of years. Our expert locksmiths can repair, replace, and maintain the locks on your homes, cars and businesses.

How does lock rekeying work?

You can contact our expert locksmiths for a free security consultation to determine if you’re eligible for lock rekeying. If you have rented a new property recently or if you’re a landowner and want to rent out your property to someone new, it’s a good idea to re-key locks. You may also want to re-key locks if your locks are very old, or if the locking mechanism is getting jammed when you turn the key in the lock.  Town Center Locksmith Shop’s locksmiths will check to see if broken locks can be repaired before advising you to get them replaced or rekeyed.
The rekeying process itself is pretty simple – we will simply replace the inner mechanism on your pin and tumbler lock with a new one, and give you new keys that go with this mechanism. The old keys that opened the lock before will now be defunct. That way, any old tenants will no longer be able to get inside you property.

Benefits of rekeying locks:Town Center Locksmith Shop Bergenfield, NJ 201-402-2682

  • It’s cheaper than replacing the lock
  • Old keys will no longer work with the lock
  • Get better control over who enters your property
  • A cost-effective way to upgrade your security
  • It is possible to create a master key system through rekeying
  • Removing a master key system is also possible 

24/7 locks rekeying service

Town Center Locksmith Shop offers 24-hour emergency locksmith services for Bergenfield, NJ. We are also an experienced tenant eviction locksmith, so we can let you inside your property if the tenant is refusing to leave (as long as you have a court order and sheriff to accompany our locksmiths). Town Center Locksmith Shop can re-key locks over night, so you can hand your property over to someone new the very next day. 

To get Town Center Locksmith Shop’s reliable lock rekeying services in Bergenfield, NJ; contact us today on 201-402-2682!