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Have you lost the keys to your car or did a key break in the lock? Getting new car keys made is a usually a long drawn out process. You have to request your car dealer to make you new ones, and it often takes a long time for them to do that – not to mention the fact that they charge you an extravagant amount usually. If you live in Bergenfield, NJ, though, you can contact Town Center Locksmith Shop for new car keys. We can make you new car keys quickly, and we don’t charge more than a reasonable amount for our service either. 

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Did you know that it takes special machinery to have high-security car keys made? This type of machinery isn’t often available with all locksmiths. Only car dealers and car manufacturers own machinery like that by default. Also, it takes a great deal of skill to operate the machinery. Town Center Locksmith Shop has both the skill and the infrastructure. 

Transponder keys aren’t easy to make 

Transponder keys have a special chip embedded in the body that communicates with the immobilizer in your car when you insert them in the lock. If the ID on the chip doesn’t match the ID on the immobilizer, the car won’t start. Transponder keys were introduced to combat the threat of hotwiring. While they provide a great deal of security, their complex design makes them very hard to replicate. 

The keys types we work with

We can make keys for cars of all makes and models. We can make keys for your door, ignition switch, and your trunk. Our mobile locksmith vans are fitted with machinery that allows us to create new keys on-site. Unlike with other locksmiths, you only have to wait for a little while for your keys to be handed to you. 

24 hour emergency locksmith service you can trust 

Did your key break inside your lock and you urgently need new keys so you can head off to work? Town Center Locksmith Shop is a 24-hour emergency locksmith you can rely on in situations just like these. We will send our locksmiths over to you immediately for help, no matter the time of the day or night. Apart from making keys, we can also assist if you’re locked out of your car or trunk.  

Call us on 201-402-2682 to get your car keys made at an unbeatable price in quick time!